Monday, November 30, 2009


Blue lazy sheer slip: thrifted from Melbourne; Inner tank: Bangkok; Pleather bicycle pants: Bardot; Brown woven leather shoes: Shappere

Gonna do it twitter-style and stick to the 140 limit cos brain's too fried to put sentences together:
- Copped 2 new killer booties today, the sort that could pass for weapon of mass destruction. I loike
- I'm not the only one who believes in organised mess, yay?
- Learnt that im no nut-cracking pro and that Pecan taste better than Walnuts. Been cracking nuts for the pass 1/2 hr, kinda entertaining me thinks
- Inspired from today's lunch that i should have some kick ass rough baked fries for out joint! Too yummy to not have 'em in the menu i say
- I swear they taste 10 times sexier than they look: crisp,baked,finger licking!
- For once in many years, i'm not actively seeking for midnight supper. I blame the fever, bleh
- For once in many years, im not actively seeking for midnight supper; but just in case i don't survive the nite, maybe I should..
- Euv you ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Gray Tee: American Apparel; Silk shorts: Stolen; White slip: Jeanswest; bag: overturned Zomp bag; socks from old stash; shoes: Camberwell market

Never quite understood the lil sister's obsession for pretty pajamas. My collection (if one could call it that) is a compilation of 4am supper stained tees, overly-stretched out tanks, stolen stuff from the boy and occasionally, the birthday suit. Hers on the other hand is strictly 100% pretty, 100% sentimental, 100% cotton or 100% non-ugly. (Yeh, i hear you mouthing 'freak', don't worry, i do that all the time, it's PJ's for god's sake...or so i thought)

So, she's been outta town the last couple of days and i've been playing curator for her pajama museum of sorts and goddamn that woman knows how to sleep! The discovery of candy floss silk shorts, cotton button downs with silk lining and lacey-satin pants got me thinking: 'her non-ugly stash is really quite non-ugly?' So of course i did what i should've done 10 years ago and slept, ate, shit, ran about and coffee-d at St. Ali's with said candy floss shorts. I am 100% sold to the 100% silk shorts. I swear it feels like one's butt naked the entire time, the feeling's awezzzommmeee.

Can u tell? I need 'em silk shorts?
must plot. must ship them back. must ship ALL of them back. must not let her know. must succeed.



Happy times, fat times
Slightly less than a month to go before i leave Oz for good, i know damn well i'm gonna miss it, but i'm heading back to something that's churning out to be a pretty exciting one (or so i pray)
I'm back for ONE (ok three) very reason(s), but i guess you'll just have to stick around and see what I'll be cooking up!
I think it'll be worth the wait ;p