Thursday, January 28, 2010


via TheSelby
1. A butcher shop perhaps?
2. Pipe and waterworks
3. Skeletons + Scraped walls


Sneak peak of what we've been up to! Trippy + psychedelic + japaneseeeee. ALKL make us all proud!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Black sheer floral maxi dress: Vintage from Melbourne; inner spandex bicycle shorts: Pasar Malam; Black Shan Scarf: ProjectMuffStit; Black boots: thrifted from Melbourne; Sprained leg: too much dancing

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



1. Judging from the first few photos, I should just learn to shut my mouth when taking photos. One day a fly's gonna zap in before i shout the four letter word. I is no want is thats happenings.
2. The twins have been keeping me very occupied with "aunty michelle, i want to ride horse! aunty michelle, i want to sit aeroplane! aunty michelle, i want to sit train" With me being all of the above mode-of-transport- 2 hands in air, legs ajar. go figure.
3. Anyone who's a slave for anything chewy and bouncy should definitely check out Snowflake for their Taiwanese dessert. It runs around RM5.5 a pop and gets you on a chewing frenzy for the rest of the night, like it did me. whee whee!
4. Rock Band shall be favourite hobby of 2010 provided i get Gingey as lead singer and Elaine as bassist. Let's just hope we don't get disbanded and start canceling tours anytime soon.
5. I love that shot of sings, in a dress, ladylike, so unlike her.
6. I spread my love for Chirashi and Ochazuke so much that i've completely converted MK. He's so converted he even customizes his Chirashi!! Double triple brownie points!
7. I told JuiceMY that i'd rather be born a boy in an interview focusing on women power. Naaaaiiiiceeee. -_-"
8. Went vintage hunting one day and saw this pretty kick arse ring which was selling (if i can recall) for RM250. can die. When questioned why so expensive, the dude just answered me with a 'OH, Batu ni eh *thinking hard*, batu niiiiii batu lama, memang mahal!!!' stone sweat died-ded.
9. Didn't come home with the ring but brought back with me ideas of possibly a new project for PMS. =))))
10. New year, new engine! Cawr Cawr Rawr!!

Friday, January 15, 2010



White button-downs: Stolen from mummy; Granny ol leopard print pants: Camberwell Market; Tan drawstring bag: Mimco; Black slip on boots: Thrifted from Melbourne

The day I learned never to wear a belt (to a 4 hr long food tasting session) and never have too high expectations,EVER. It always ends up being a downer. (I never learn, tsk tsk) For this case in particular, it ended with me and half the family suffering from minor IBS (shit, no shit). It was nasty.

ps: thanx bb, you saved the C =p

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Oversized denim shirt: Thrifted from Melbourne; Denim cut-out shorts: Supre; Tan belt: vintage from Sydney; Tote: overturned Zomp bag; Black socks: super old+random; Blue+Black low cuts: Moca

Been overusing my free overturned Zomp bag it's starting to wrip on the sides. T_T. I'll just have to try sustain it for another 10 years before i get sick of it, but don't think I ever will. Love everything about it; ripped,smelly and light as a feather =p

PMS and the 4



Check them out HERE

Sunday, January 10, 2010


@Sensory Lab in Melbourne
via broadsheet

Newest boy in town. Serving specialty coffee and if you're willing, AUD$12 a cuppa for their siphon. Semi industrial, semi laboratory-inspired plus a lot of olive warmth going around. I like.

Saturday, January 9, 2010



Im a visual kinda person, it keeps me going. I've pasted this huge ass brown sheet on our wall i call the 'Inspiration Blob', throwing in a photo collective that inspires me; snippets of what i'd like to dump into our cafe space. Exciting, happy stuff! Will be throwing in random 'Inspiration Blob' shots every now and then. For now, let's just hope the space will turn out how i envision it to be!


White T: Stolen from the boy; Black+white geometric pencil skirt: thrifted from Melbourne; Black kungfu shoes: Billie; Tote: overturned Zomp bag; Resin bangle: Camberwell market

I realise I blog less when I'm in KL, no idea why; but I hope to keep the momentum up whilst working in the sweatshop testing out recipes + juggling PMS work + feasting duties. Fingers crossed!

Hold while i go make a mess in the kitchen! BRB