Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Top 10 things I enjoyed:
1. The XX live. Surreal shit.
2. Treasure Hunting at Flea&Easy. The day i got flat broke.
3. European at Wild Honey. Ask for extra bacon =p
4. Imitating baaaad-shape sleepers with the boy, claaaaaasic!!
5. Mentaiko bought from Japanese salesman with major breathe issues. It was ALL worth it. *cringe*
6. Lavender Cake at Bakerzin. Annoyingly loud customer next to us, not so much.
7. Being fed super weird ass japanese food for zero cost, very very funky stuff. hmm.
8. Clearing the 'air' on that very balcony,
9. Talking shit about Msia vs Spore. Never gets old.
10. New shoes =p

I hated:
1. Uniqlo and all that mess that was in there. Not the label, the store.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 Y.O

Black mesh tank: Mimco; Vintage leather pants: Lost & Found Market; Layered silver chains: Royal Arcade; Black cotton tote: gift; Black lace-ups: Moca

Barsonic turned 1 and I grew more grandmother bones from all the squeezing and heavy-breathing. My height obviously didn't help. Boo hoo.