Saturday, March 6, 2010


Headed up north for an intense foody road trip couple of weeks ago. Pit stops included:
-Bidor's Pun Chun duck noodles.The last time i ate this was about what, 7-8 years ago? Still as packed as ever!
- Ling Sen Tong temple where i prayed mainly for the wellbeing of the family, success of the cafe and sumthing sumthing.
- That 'Big Tree' where the 14 of us sat under and feast on jumbo sugarcane juice & chee cheong fun dipped in assam laksa soup. Eh, quite nice =p
- This medan near a stadium for 'Ai Yu Ping'. Never heard of it before but its yellow jelly with ice and coconut milk. I think.
- This place where this Aunty serves up some super banging Pandan Rice I could kidnap her home. I swear this is treasure cove!! Anyone who's going Ipoh should give this place a shot =p


Some pics stolen from Ivan.heh.